Sunday, September 20, 2009

Such a lazy blogger!

Thank you to my friend Allison who gently nudges me to update my blog :)

Fall is definitely in the air even though it is still very warm...the lighting in the afternoon is gorgeous...that is, when the sun is shining....which it hasn't been doing alot lately!

School is now in full swing and we seem to be in a great routine...I started a workout routine at the school which we do on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons...we use videos and "burn the fat off our thighs" - I haven't really noticed a difference but that is what the drill sargeant in the video tells us :)

As you all know Fall is one of my favorite and Haunted House season! The Atrox Factory will be opening on October is in Leeds, Alabama...come on out and get scared! My job is to "host" the celebrity monsters while they are here for autograph is the list of monsters/celebrities...

Derek Mears - the new Jason in Friday the 13th

Dave Prowse - Darth Vadar - no he is not a "real" monster but he should draw a crowd!

Tony Todd - the CandyMan and the mean General in 24 last season!

Chris Carnel - My Bloody Valentine

I will keep you posted with fun pictures from their visits!

If you make it out to the house on Friday or Saturday, make your way to the celebrity stage and say "Hi!".

Also, I want to thank all of you that have been praying for my family...especially my nephew Christopher...I got to spend Saturday with him and his friends from Steve's and they are remarkable young men....all fighting to stay clean and sober! Christopher has been clean for over 90 days and continues to speak to groups at Bradford about his recovery...we know this is a lifelong struggle but he is doing great!

Much love to you all!