Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long time no see!!!

Sorry it has been so long since I posted but I will try to catch you up!

After the Mercedes Half Marathon I had a relapse of pneumonia :(  with a chest x-ray my doctor saw "something" on my lungs so they sent me for a CT scan, the lung "something" was just fluid from pneumonia but the CT scan showed "something" on my thyroid so they sent me to have a sonogram on my neck...sure enough there was "something" on my thyroid...from there I went to see a surgeon who did not seem terribly concerned...told me to rest :) and come back in 6 months for another sonogram to see if "it" had grown...he assured me that people do not die from thyroid cancer...they die with it...if that is what "it" wait until September for the next phase of "this".

In the mean time I went to New York for my final summer of graduate school at Bank Street College of Education and Parsons New School of Design!  I graduated with a Masters of Science in Education :)  Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do next summer...pool, lake, beach...the possibilities are endless. This is after the commencement exercise and that is my therapist...I mean advisor, Cathleen.  Jessica (my niece) got to take her first ever plane trip to come visit in NYC and to see me graduate!  My BFF Lisa brought her up and it meant the world to me that they were there!

While I was gone my landlord pulled up the carpet in my apartment (I only had it in my living room and dining room and it was NASTY)...he refinished the hardwoods and they look AMAZING!!  I came home on Saturday night and went shopping on Monday with my friend Angie...her aunt and uncle own United Textiles in Bessemer...a very cool place.  I was able to get one 8'x10' rug, one 5'x7'rug, a door mat, sheers, drapes and curtain rods for an amazingly ridiculous price :)  I highly recommend you go!
After carpet but before rugs...
After the rugs :)

Reconnected with many old friends before I left for the summer and hope to get back in the swing of things pretty soon....already back at the gym...if it wasn't so hot I would be "wogging"...I do have a 5K at the end of August so I should probably get on that!

We start school on Monday and the students will be there on Wednesday...pray for a great school year for all involved!

Much love to all!