Monday, November 21, 2011

Leave your fears at the door!

Today was day one of Professional Development for HCS faculty/staff...I usually dread these 2 days because as an art teacher very few sessions are related to our work.  Fortunately we work in a great system that wants these days to be meaningful to everyone and we are spending the days painting! 

The art teacher at the high school is a wonderful oil painter and she has spent the last 2 years doing a "painting a day" to loosen up and let her creative juices flow...she works on small pieces of wood 6"x6" or 8"x8" she taught us what she knows and turned us loose...we were to use short strokes, lots of paint and move fast...the goal was to get 2 paintings finished! Everyone struggled with the first painting and those took almost 3-4 hours to complete...the second painting took a little over an hour. 

I can see the benefits of painting fast and painting everyday!  I need to work this into my crazy schedule...I tend to obsess over my paintings and this is a great way to practice and release that crazy energy...

Here are my "masterpieces" :)

This one makes me think of Kyle in high school :)

Vase and fruit 


I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving...enjoy your time with the family!



Much love,