Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new chapter...

June 1st - I started a new chapter in my life!  I am now the Program Manager for ArtPartners...a program within the non-profit organization VSA Alabama.  I am still teaching art full-time...but I am blessed to be able to manage this part-time job that is nourishing my heart and soul!

ArtPartners is a program designed to provide a socially inclusive environment where local community artists and VSA emerging artists living with disabilities or chronic illnesses can engage in meaningful relationship building through participation in the creative arts. This program services children as well as adults!

This unique annual program culminates with the ArtPartners Live Auction and Showcase on August 19 2012, an event featuring these works.

I am coming in at the tail-end of the year so it is my job to organize the mounds of artwork..and make sure it is ready for the auction...not a small task!

Here are some pics from our last ArtPartners session....enjoy!

Thirteen patients and their families were hosted at Greenvale Pediatrics in Hoover by Dr. John Cortopassi on June 24 to create art for VSA Alabama's ArtPartners program.

These awesome guys were my partners for the know it is a labor of love if I painted "tiger eyes"!

Dr. Cortopassi with our Honorary Chairpersons...Grace, Lindsay, Alli and Ryan!