Sunday, October 30, 2011

October has come and gone...

Wow! That was a fast month!!

Atrox Factory was a blast this year!  Our celebrities were all female "Scream Queens"!  Was a little worried because working with men is much easier for me...being a flirty southern girl and all! But these ladies were awesome!  Here are some pics from this year...
Danielle Harris - Rob Zombie's Halloween

Melissa Cowan - Walking Dead TV Series

Shawnee Smith - Saw Movies...I liked her best on Becker w/Ted Dansen

Adrienne Barbeau - Maude's Daughter...but she came to Atrox because she was in The Fog, Swamp Thing and Creep Show

P.J. Soles and her bf Rob...she was in the original Halloween, Carrie, Devil's Rejects, Stripes and Private Benjamin

Looking forward to a relaxing November....HaHaHaHa!!!  Daniel and Charlotte are getting married on Iron Bowl Day and I am helping with the After Rehearsal Dinner and Slideshow....not to mention the school wide Art Show...Grand Pal's Day and the state Art Conference :)

Much Love!