Monday, September 3, 2012

The Happiest 5K on the Planet!!! The Color Run!

So today was awesome!

Got up at 6:00am on Labor Day to wog a 5K!  It was raining...pouring!  Traffic was ridiculous!  10,000 + people were all trying to get into Barber's MotorSports at the same time...

The race was scheduled to start at 8:30 but they were sending runners out in niece Charlotte was wogging with me but her, Susan and Daniel were stuck on I-20 for over an hour trying to get to the venue...

Everyone is dressed in every kilometer there are "color stations"...and volunteers dousing you with powdered color...there were 4 stations in all with a color party at the finish line.  I still have color under my arms that may never come off...I learned for the next color run I won't raise my hands and shout in the color stations....

Almost finished!
When we took to the start line it was 9:32 and pouring down rain...they were blasting music and we started the run by "throwing our hands up in the air sometime saying hey let's go!" and off we went...I explained to Char that I don't actually run but I wog...walk a little, jog a little...I also explained how I choose a target (person) to get in front of close to the 1st mile and then make sure they are behind us at the finish it was a woman with a tramp stamp showing through her soaked to the skin white t-shirt :)  We smoked her!  We jumped and splashed through every puddle on that track and even contemplated doing the slip and slide at the yellow color station but I decided I would probably break something!
Headed to the finish line!
Thankfully I had put garbage bags and beach towels over my tan interior in the car :)  One of the definite highlights was going to lunch in Leeds afterwards...half of the patrons were from the color run!

If you get the opportunity...DO IT!!!

Much love,