Friday, July 6, 2012

Still tapping...after all these years!

Who would have guessed that when I strapped on tap shoes 32 years ago that I would still be tapping in 2012???
"Anything Goes" VHHS 1980

My first musical was "Anything Goes" where I was cast as a featured tap dancer...I borrowed tap shoes for the audition and had NEVER tapped before!  Tammy Towns had tremendous faith in me!!!  It sparked a love of dance and musicals that has never died out!

For our senior recital - Tammy taught us the Audition number from 42nd Street - a new (at the time) Broadway Musical...we started learning it in September...couldn't get all the way through it without almost passing was so fast!!!  It took us till December to nail it down and be able to do it with some stamina...remember we only met for 1 hour once a week!  By March we had it!  Then she threw in the fact that we would also dance "We're In The Money"...back to back with the audition number!!!  We opened the recital and brought the house down.
Jackie O'Neal School of Dance

 I have NEVER forgotten that choreography...have taught it at least 3 times to different adult classes that I have taught and now, I am actually performing in 42nd Street!!!!  I never thought I would get the opportunity and I have almost aged out of the "chorus line" stage of my life....but I am having a blast!

Never, ever give up doing what you love!

Much love,