Saturday, September 17, 2011

College Football in Alabama!

I love college football!
I love the Crimson Tide!
I love the SEC!

There is nothing better than going to the grocery store on a Saturday morning and seeing everyone in their "gameday attire"... almost every house has a flag flying to make sure everyone knows where their allegiance lies!  It was time for me to make my is my latest work of art...

Roll Tide!!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Much Love,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Memories of 9/11

July 4, 2011 - Circle Line Cruise on the Hudson River NYC
I have been really emotional this past week and I think 9/11 is the reason.

You know I am a good southern girl and I am really good at pretending nothing has happened but deep down my emotions still get the best of me!

I have been remembering that day, 10 years ago, and I have a hard time dealing with those memories.  I was a first time school teacher with 3 weeks of teaching under my belt, my Mom was still alive and undiagnosed with the cancer that would take her from us 10 months later, I had friends living in and around New York City and had no idea if they were safe or not.

The words, "teacher's please check your email" will forever strike fear in my heart.  This is how we received the information about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.  I had a classroom full of 5th graders busily working on Keith Haring projects.  I couldn't react to the news because I didn't want to freak out my students.  As time passed and I had a break, I rushed to the front office to get more details and call my mother, I witnessed the second plane hitting the World Trade Center while talking to Mom.  As the day progressed and more planes were highjacked it almost became unbelievable to me...I couldn't watch TV because this was all that was on...I started having nightmares and didn't want to hear anymore information than I had already heard.  I am not the kind of person that watches every minute of a tragedy...I choose not to ingest too much negative information...yes, I know that makes me a coward but I'm okay with that.

Ten  years later, Mom is gone, the site of the twin towers is being built upon, I have spent 3 summers living in NYC earning my Master's Degree...I have a very clear realization of just how small Manhattan is and what that day must have felt like for those in the city.  From the building where my art class was this past summer you can clearly see where the twin towers stood and just realizing how close that tragic event was to NYU and Parson's really hit home with me and I think that is why I am so emotional now...

It breaks my heart at what that city and those families went through for our country.  For a while, police, emt and firemen were held up and honored on a new, higher level...I wish this were still the case.  The people who ran toward the collapsing buildings while all others were running away are the heroes...and will forever hold a special place in my mind and heart, this includes the "civilians" who thought of others in a time of great need.

I am now watching footage and specials about that day just like every other American and hope that this will renew our spirit of patriotism and love for one another.

To all my new friends I made at Bank Street College of Education - I love you!

Much love,