Saturday, November 28, 2009


...November has come and gone without one post on my Randomness blog....I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and was able to spend some quality time with their family.

This year instead of going to Gatlinburg we opted to stay in the 'Ham...spent Thanksgiving day with my sister Susan and her husbands family. TONS of food and lots of good times.

Planned and booked a ski trip with my 2 oldest nephews...we will be returning to Winterplace, WV in January and will conquer that mountain before we hopefully, head out west next year. We are going over the MLK weekend and the church youth group will be there at the same we will also get to ski with the twins! Here is a picture from the last year trip...

Looking forward to Christmas...we will be going to Decatur to see my brothers new house...he and Maria are still in Guatemala doing mission work but they have bought a house in anticipation of returning to the states...I'm not gonna lie...I look forward to when they are back full time!

Lots of things going on in my life....I am volunteering for VSA arts for Alabama as an artist to work with persons with disabilities to create artwork and I have also taken a part time job as a teacher at the Fultondale Sips N' Strokes...both should be lots of fun!

I am now headed to Camp Winnataska for a planning meeting and to collect some camp sticks for some angel drawings/paintings that I am doing...if you are looking for a nice "girlfriend" gift just let me know....metal/beaded crosses for 12.00...angel drawings w/beading for 10.00...will post pictures soon.

Much love to all!